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Dermafollix stands out from all the other clinics in our scientific approach to skin disorders. We believe in holistic approach which means that we are not  targeting at only symptomatic relief but also to impart knowlege about prevention of recurrence and other lifestyle modifications which will help to keep your problems at bay.  We help you to understand your condition and educate you regarding skin disease and skin care. 


Our doctor

  •          Doctor trained from the prestigious AIIMS, New Delhi,
  •          Vast experience in the field of dermatology
  •          Skilled in dermatosurgery
  •          Proficient in all laser treatments

Our motto : Patient first

Effective evidence based treatments

World class patient care

State of the art clinic

Advanced equipments

Well trained friendly staff to cater to all your requirements

Located in the heart of the city and is hence accessible to all from South Gujarat

Affordable prices