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Ageing begins from the day we are born. Ageing is a process of progressive decreases in the maximal functioning and capacity of all organs in the body. Aging is an inevitable process and we must accept it.

A healthy, youthful and rejuvenated skin contributes to a youthful appearance. The causes of ageing skin are:

  • Chronological: Due to age
  • Photo ageing
  • Life style and environment
  • Genetic and chronic disabling diseases
  • Endrocrine dysfunction
  • Gravitational force

All the above factors contribute to ageing skin. The two main forms of skin ageing are: intrinsic ageing at a cellular level which is difficult to control and photoaging which aggravates intrinsic aging due to sun exposure. Photoaging contributes to the conventional notion of aged skin.

Extrinsic or environmental ageing is what we can control. Sun exposure is the most common and prominent contributor to skin ageing.

The most common causes of skin ageing are:

  • UV radiation:  It causes both direct and indirect effects on skin.  It causes degradation of collagen by producing free radicals.  There is also damage to the mitochondria which is a vital cell structure. UVB is the major cause for damage.
  • Smoking
  • Heat
  • Infrared radiation