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Scar occurs when the overlying skin markings are lost. Scar at a cosmetically important site can hamper a person’s confidence. When the wound is not sutured or stitched properly the resultant scar become unsightly.  With the stitches are tight or if silk is used, the marks of stitches are seen even after healing.
There are various modalities by which we can improve the appearance of scar. One must understand that the scar will never completely disappear. Our aim is to make it cosmetically acceptable.

Surgical scar revision

In case of scars which are broad, the width can be reduced by excising and opposing the ends without tension. This will make the scar much thinner and less visible.  There aer many techniques of scar revision depending upon the type of scar: simple excision, serial excision,Z plasty, w plasty, geometric broken lines etc


It is the method of removal of epidermis and upper part of dermis. New epidermis forces after cells from surrounding tissue migrate into the area. After surgical scar revision,if there are minor irregularities on skin surface, these can be smoothened out with dermabrasion. It contours out irregularities by bringing the surrounding healthy tissue to the level of the scar which makes the scar less visible. This modality can be used only after the scar has completely matured.

Ablative laser resurfacing

Ablation means damage to the epidermis. There are micro injuries produced by the laser. This injury induces the skin to remodel itself with new collagen and matrix formation. This improves the appearance of scar.

Non-ablative laser resurfacing

The epidermis is not damaged. This reduces the downtime. The laser energy is transferred to the dermis which stimulates collagen and matrix regeneration. This restores lost volume and reduces the depression of scar.