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Radio Frequency Ablation

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Radiofrequency ablation is passage of high-frequency electrical current through the tissue to create a desired clinical effect. As the current is delivered, it passes through and heats the tissues. It causes destruction of tissue by dehydration, coagulation and vaporization.

Radiofrequency machines generate a frequency between 2.5-4MHz. It gives good precision and hence causing less surrounding tissue destruction. Radiofrequency is capable of cutting tisuue, of coagulation and fulguration. Cutting is brought about by breaking the molecular bindings of tissue cells. Coagulation is required to stop the lesion from bleeding. This occurs when there is denaturation of protein at temperature of around 65 degree Celsius inside the blood vessels. Soft lesions can be removed on coagulation mode which reduces surrounding tissue damage and bleeding is also less.  Fulguration is done to remove very superficial lesion such as freckles wherein the probe is not touched to the skin but placed close to it.



Removal of the following:

  •          Warts
  •          Molluscum
  •          Skin tags
  •          Xanthelasma
  •          Freckles
  •          Dermatosis papulosa nigra
  •          Cherry angiomas
  •          Syringomas
  •          Seborrhiec keratois