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Polycystic Ovarian Disease and Acne

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Acne is common in PCOS and is considered as a part of clinical spectrum of fully developed disease. The features of acne seen in females suffering from polycystic ovarian disease:

  • Severe; more inflammed;
  • Late onset
  • Treatment resistant
  • Prompt relapse after stopping therapy

Other skin signs:

  • Hirsutism; increased facial hair
  • Increased dandruff
  • Thinning of scalp hair
  • Darkening of skin folds (acanthosis nigricans)

Sites affected:

  • Multiple closed comedones àrapidly transform into tender, lumpy nodules are seen on lower half of face and jawline. They occur on may occur chest, shoulders and back. They persist beyond 5 7 days. Pre menstrual flare is common.