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Medicated facials

The purpose of facial is to deliver essential nutrients into the skin my gentle massaging of the face.

It is important to understand the requirements of a particular skin before doing a facial. For example, a person with oily, acne prone skin should not be given facials with contents which can potentially aggravate the condition. Hence, medicated facials have replaced conventional facials as they give better results and no side effects.

What is a medicated facial?

Creams and solutions containing nutrients and peptides are applied to the skin. These improve skin texture, provide hydration and also make skin appear refreshed.


What are the components used?

It depends on the requirements of the particular skin. Usually, there is a concoction of peptides, nutrients, vitamin serums etc.


How do I know which facial is best for my skin?

Our dermatologist will first assess your skin and suggest what is best for you.


Any side effects?


What precaution do I need to take after the procedure?