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Care During Application of Medications

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Care during application of medications

Retinoid cream

In case tretinoin or adapalene, is best in cases where there are black and white heads present.It is alos a good maintenance therapy to keep the lesions at bay.  it should be applied at night on cleansed skin. It should not be rubbed too hard into the skin. A small amount ie pea sized quantity should be taken and applied. Avoid nasal folds and areas around the eyes. It can cause slight irritation. You will develop tolerance to it subsequently. In case of significant irritation, it can be washed off in 30-45 minutes. The duration of application can be increased slowly daily and leave it on overnight after a week. The best results are attained after daily overnight application.

There will be slight dryness. If significant dryness causing irritation then it can be applied on alternate days.

Avoid using harsh cleasers, scrubs astringents and other irritating agents while on this therapy.

Antibiotic creams

Creams such as clindamycin, nadoxin, erythromycin etc are prescribed. These creams have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They are available in many formulations but gel form is the best. Gel is non oily, transparent and has good absorption into skin.
They are best when combined with other therapy as lone therapy with only antibiotic creams are not effective. It can be discont8inued if no improvement is seen in 6-8 weeks.
These medications should be used under the advice of a doctor as indiscriminate use causes resistence.

Benzoyl peroxide

It is an effective therapy in mild nd moderate cane. It has oxidant property which has an antibacterial action and also reduces comedone formation. The biggest advantage of this therapy is there can be no bacterial resistance.

It should be applied to the entire face and other affected areas once a day.  It is best to start as lower concentration of 2.5% to reduce the chances of irritation.