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Eczema is a condition where there is inflammation of skin lesion. There is varying degree of itching, redness, soreness, scaling, thickening, fissuring and oozing.  It is used colloquially by patients to describe any skin lesion of chronic course. It is also interchangeably used with the term “allergy” by patients.

Eczema is of many types. It is classified according to aetiology or based on appearance of lesion, age of onset, areas where present and on symptoms. The most important aspect is to find out whether the triggers of eczema are outside the body (infection, contact to metals or chemicals, sunlight etc) or inside the body.  If the trigger is exogenous or outside the body then the best approach is to remove the cause.
Usually there are multiple factors which cause eczema and a finger cannot be pointed to one particular cause or agent. In such cases, we have to be aware of lifestyle changes and skin acre routines which can keep eczema at bay. Hands and feet eczema are common presentations in dermatological clinic. Apart from elucidating the cause, it is important to avoid the aggravating factor and also take precautions to facilitate early healing of lesions and to prevent recurrences.

Many patients ask if their eczema can ever be “cured”. We prefer to not use the term cure but use control. It can definitely be treated and controlled to such an extent that it will not cause any problem or discomfort to the patient. Cure refers to complete removal of the cause which may not be possible in all cases.

There can be periods of flares and remission. Our approach will be to control the flares and keep the lesions in remission for as long as possible.

Eczema at Dermafollix

  • Detailed evaluation to elucidate the aetiology
  • Effective evidence based therapy tailored to patients needs
  • Oral or topical therapy given depending upon severity to control disease
  • Maintenance therapy to prevent recurrences