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Adult Acne

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It is seen mostly in females. It occurs in late 20s to 30s and in few cases even in 40’s.

It is related to hormonal imbalance in most instances. Premenstrual flare is commonly seen. It occurs as a result of increase in testosterone to estrogen ratio. It could be associated with irregular menses, increased facial hair and thinning of hair in scalp. It is known to be more persistent.


It is a complex interaction between hormones, oil production, obstruction to flow of oil from glands due to clogging by bacteria and dead skin cells.
Investigations: endocrine evaluation and a USG pelvis is advisable after evaluation.

Types of lesions

All lesions comedones (Black heads and white heads),red lesions, pus filled lesions, cysts and nodules are seen.  are seen.  It involves the lower face. Chin is the most common site of occurrence.


Thorough history and physical evaluation need to be done. Information regarding menstrual history, medications, supplements is necessary. An underlying endocrine disorder has to be ruled out. There maybe be association with seborrhoea, increased facial hair and alopecia.