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Dermafollix skin clinic, was created with the urge to provide quality treatment of all skin disorders. Our aim is to give evidence based effective treatment to the patient and avoid unnecessary investigations. We believe in tailor made personalised treatment for each patient.

Dr. Aaanchal Panth

Our Doctor

Our chief Consultant Dermatologist, is proficient in clinical dermatology. She accumulated vast knowledge and in depth  understanding of clinical dermatology during her M.D  at India‚Äôs most elite medical institution, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. She developed a keen interest in aesthetic sciences. She honed her skills in dermatopathology during her time at AIIMS, New Delhi. She is also an experienced dermatosurgeon and has successfully performed many surgeries such as vitiligo surgery (suction blister grafting, split thickness grafting) excision of cysts, nevi, basal cell carcinoma, scar revision, autologous fat transplant and radiofrequency ablation.

She has performed laser hair reduction treatments in over 200 patients as a part of her postdoctoral dissertation. She has good experience with all types of lasers such as Nd:YAG and PDL for pigmentary and vascular lesions respectively.

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Treatment of Acne

Laser Hair Removal

Facial Rejuvenation

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